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Fly Fishing for Salmon, Steelhead and Trout in the Vancouver area.


Fraser Valley Steelhead Fly Fishing

Fly fishing for winter steelhead in our local rivers, near Chilliwack,  British Columbia, Canada. BC Steelhead are one of the worlds most sought after game fish because of their size,  beauty and quality of fight. They range up to twenty five pounds, averaging ten to twelve pounds. Steelhead enter our rivers in late December and continue through till the end of May (May is fly only). The Chilliwack river has good number of fish, wild and hatchery plus many great runs for swinging flies. Regardless of which style you prefer, single handed or double handers (Spey Casting), we are completely knowledgeable in all casting techniques and are fully capable to provide any instruction needed! This steelhead fly fishing adventure involves a walk and wade on rivers that are just as scenic in the winter months as in the summer. This fishery is available from January 1 to May 31 and is a a walk and wade trip, book today for prime dates!

Instructional on the water teaching is included on all trips:

1. Casting instruction, single hand and spey casting
2. Steelhead techniques; where, when and how
3. Flies, lines, sink tips.

6 hours of Fishing
- 1 Angler - $360.00
- 2 Anglers - $360.00
- 3 Anglers - $440.00
8 hours of Fishing
- 1 Angler - $480.00
- 2 Anglers - $480.00
- 3 Anglers - $560.00



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