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The Pitt River Adventure

The Pitt river fly fishing adventure is truly one of a kind, Fly fishing at its finest! Situated in a remote wilderness setting, only thirty minutes from downtown Vancouver, BC and three hours from Seattle. The Pitt river is an isolated location with no road access and only accessible only by air or jet boat, which means no crowds! This is a pristine glacier feed river valley surrounded by mountains, beautiful landscapes and an assortment of wild life. The Pitt river empties into Pitt lake, which is one of only two fresh water tidal lakes in the world. The river is very close to the ocean, in fact it is only forty miles from the pacific ocean; these fish are very fresh, bright chrome and eager the eat a fly.  The Pitt river offers fly fishing for trout and salmon throughout the year at various times. The Pitt is a catch and release river, perfect for the spey casting and single hand fly fishing.

If you are planning a trip to Vancouver, Whistler or even Seattle for a short or long visit give us a call or drop us a email to reserve your time for the Pitt river.  We have some of the best fly fishing guides available in British Columbia, all with extensive experienced in single and double handed (spey fishing) fly fishing. They will make your Pitt River Fly Fishing Adventure, one that will make you want to come back for more. To get more information on this adventure please visit our pittriver.com site.

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