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Fall Chum SalmonThe Fraser Valley Adventure is available 12 months of the year but is best in the winter, spring and fall months. The Valley has several rivers, lakes and streams with salmon, steelhead and trout. This adventure will allow you to witness the most colorful time of the year in B.C. The mix of evergreens and deciduous trees, with their red, gold and orange leaves, line the riverbanks. Bald eagles will soar above you as you make your way to the best fishing locations via jet boat. 

One of the most exciting time of years to fish in the Fraser Valley is the fall. There are many Chum salmon in the rivers ranging from twelve to twenty four pounds, with an average of sixteen. There are also Coho, Chinook and sockeye salmon in the river plus some cutthroat trout. On odd years, 2007 and 2009 for example, the Fraser and Harrison rivers are also full of Pink salmon. These salmon are one of the easiest to catch on the fly. The run usually arrives in late August and lasts until October. The pink salmon runs are usually in the 10-20 million.

Spring Sea RunWinter and spring months produce some of the largest cutthroat trout and some of the biggest steelhead in the southwest of British Columbia. April and the first two weeks of May is PRIME TIME for Coastal Cutthroat trout, as these fish are particularly active then. They are very energetic while feeding, thrashing the surface like piranha as the migrating salmon fry swim by the holding trout. Cutthroat trout are carnivores and are easily spotted while feeding.

The Fraser Valley is home to one of the most successful Steelhead hatchery programs in British Columbia. Combined with a healthy wild population, fly fishing for Steelhead can be a great experience. This trip is suitable for more accomplished anglers as these fish can be a challenge; however, we do offer one on one fly fishing for steelhead for beginners. Fishing for steelhead involves a walk and wade trip on rivers that are just as beautiful in the winter as in the summer.  Click here for more information on the Winter Steelhead Adventure.

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