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Coho Salmon (silvers)
Best months: October and November.

Coho salmon, also known as silvers, are one of the favorites here in the Fraser Valley. They are a great sport fish as there is nothing like the take of a Coho. You can sometimes see them follow it in, grab it and explode on the surface. They hit hard, rip line, and jump and roll all over the place. This is a fall fishery and goes from the middle of September to the middle of November. The opportunities to fish for Coho are great. Some of our rivers have early runs of Coho that can usually be fished in the first couple of weeks of  September. The other rivers and sloughs generally don't get hot until the first week of October. Coho salmon average in size from six to ten pounds but records from the last couple of years indicate that the size is increasing due to a decrease in commercial fishing.

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